Ludum Dare No.21 Entry “EscCtrl”

My submission for Ludum Dare No.21

Warning: you must click in the flash box to be able to control

Controls: Spacebar – It will knock over a trash can and slow Ctrl.

click link to play –> EscCtrl

I will be posting a postmortem of sorts later mostly containing a play by play and my thoughts on making It better. I would do more since at the time of this posting I have like 8hrs left in the Dare but my internet keeps going out and I don’t want to chance it :)

Have fun! GO #LD48





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Been a while.

So its been many moons since I posted. Well no fear! I am still plodding along on the game! Now though it will no longer be associated with “Uniracers” or “Unirally” since I really don’t want to be sued by Nintendo or by Pixar since they were the ones that shut down Uniracers the first time. For more on the story of Uniracers go toArs Technica.

I have not thought up a name yet but I do have a design for the racer that I am working on. It will allow me to stay true to the gameplay of Uniracers without being sued by Nintendo for using the Uniracers name or by Pixar for having a CG unicycle. What is currently up under projects will stay till I get the new stuff in. I’m still learning to manipulate 3D programs to do my bidding.

I’m glad someone at Ars agrees that Uniracers was the bomb!

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GDC Online was amazing!

Gamasutra has the best coverage. Amazing, simply amazing. I’m so glad to be developing games now.

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